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Avid Xpress DV

The Avid Xpress DV is an ideal solution for anyone looking for that professional finished project in a hard to get to location. Because it's an Avid, it communicates with all its' big brothers in the Avid family. As a second system, double your work output then move the project over to a "composer and batch it up." The Avid Xpress DV offers professional-quality editing and creative tools for either PC or Mac systems. The system weighs only 50 lbs. and travels with you in one case.

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Avid video editing rentals

We supply true portable digital Avid video editing systems. Our turn-key systems set up in 15 minutes and all equipment is rack mounted in Anvil cases for easy shipping.

We have been delivering systems for major corporate events, studios and agencies worldwide since 1994.

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Avid Film and Media Composers

Our fleet of Avid film and media composers include: 1000s, 9000s, Symphony and Adrenaline. All with 3-D effects, NTSC or PAL.

We can integrate Beta SP, DV, DVCPro, or Digi-beta into any system.

We also can help you shoot your candid video, pre-produce graphic elements and more.

About Sterling Productions

Sterling Productions has been producing video and film productions for over 25 years throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.

We serve the post production and event industries with portable Avid systems wherever you want to be in the world, including Mexico, Canada and the United States or in our professional Avid video editing suite.

We have performed nearly all functions as it deals with the Motion Picture and Video industry.

Give us a call at 480-838-8292. Outside of Arizona call 1-800-780-0243.
Baja California 011-52-117-08204

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